Academia Industry Alliance Report™
Academia Industry Alliance Report™
Academia Industry Alliance Report™

Academia Industry Alliance Report™

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Private Funding Analysis

In-depth 20 page report that delivers customized actionable insights, educational content, and personalized recommendations by PhD and business experts are proven to empower Scientists to convert insights into successful outreach and partnerships.  

 Top 6 Custom Matches

  • Proprietary Match Score, also reported as a percentile, to indicate the strength and specificity of the match
  • Description of the funding opportunity and available guidelines on outreach
  • Direct contact information to teams that perform due diligence 
  • Expert recommendations for individual industry outreach and funding strategy
  • Drafted by PhD consultants and Business Development Analysts  

 Educational Materials

  • Best practices on Industry Outreach
  • Guidance on protecting Intellectual Property and Confidential while interacting with Industry
  • How to draft a nonconfidential deck, with examples
  • Guidelines on e-mail outreach, with examples 
  • Crafting Meeting Agendas to drive success  

 Additional Resources

  • Tips on how to best use available University resources
  • Science First advanced training resources 

Scientific Fields Included in Database:

Pediatric Oncology
Neurodegenerative Disease
Rare Disease
Technology Platforms
Functional Genomics
Small Molecules and Therapeutics
Biologics Products and Process Development Cardiovascular Disease
Metabolic Disease
Precision Medicine
Pain and Sensory Disorders
Inflammation and Remodeling
Drug Safety