1. How do I start working with Science First?

To get started, please contact us at support@sfpartnerships.com and we will send you a Submission Form to gather the necessary information and a checklist of steps.

      2.  What analysis is performed?

The research description that you provide in the Submission Form will be analyzed using proprietary software powered by neural networks and artificial intelligence to identify, score, rank and report your best-fit matches from thousands of opportunities in the world’s only central repository of pharmaceutical research projects.  These projects and research opportunities are aggregated from all available resources in the public domain. Additionally, Science First obtains pre-publication, special projects, and other proprietary opportunities directly from pharmaceutical companies.  Our PhD domain experts will review, annotate, and sign off on each individual AIA Report to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all results.

      3. What results are included in the AIA Report?

Your AIA Report v 2.0 will include a detailed Report Interpretation Guide.  Briefly, each AIA Report lists the top three custom matches to pharmaceutical research on the first page.  One the second page, the top three best-fit matches out of all open federal funding opportunities across 15 agencies are listed.  All matches are ranked by the AIA proprietary Match Score, which is reported as a percentile. Detailed information is provided for each match, including opportunity title, description, company or federal agency, and contact information.

      4. How do I obtain the results?

You will receive your personalized AIA Report via the email address that you provide on your submission form. 

      5. What is the turnaround time for the AIA Report?

The AIA Report is issued no more than four days after the Submission Form is received.  The average turnaround time is 48 hours.  Data analysis will not begin until all required information for the submission form, payment, and any applicable discount information is received.

      6.  Who do I contact if I have additional questions or need software support?

Please email our Customer Support Team at support@sfpartnerships.com.